After a ten year hiatus legendary songwriter Stevie Nicks is back with her latest album “In Your Dreams” and a rockumentary, produced by the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, of the same name. “When you see it you are going to be living in my world for one hour and forty minutes,” said Nicks during our recent interview. The ‘gypsy’ is in the Hamptons this weekend for the 20th Hamptons International Film Festival. We sat down with her at The Maidstone on a gorgeous fall afternoon to get the scoop.

“It was the best year of my life! I have never had so much fun in my life,” exclaimed Nicks as we sat in the garden and talked about nail polish a bit before our interview officially began. She prefers OPI Big Apple Red and does her nails herself saying as we settled in, “If I wasn’t doing this I’d be a manicurist!”

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  1. Frances Delaney says:

    Thanks for putting the In Your Dreams segments on line for those of us who cannot get to where it is happening, Thanks Frances D.

  2. Deb Katz says:

    Thank you for this opportunity and for the sharing of intimate background photographs and information. Your music has transcended the generations of me and my children and this is a very exciting project for us to enjoy together. Much love and gratitude for your talent and those who helped bring this to pass. Looking forward to a future filled with more great music and creative projects. xo

  3. Darlene Ciolino says:

    Watching your video’s and listening to your music has been so inspiring to me. I am absolutely beyond words that you are in a place now to let people like me get to know you. Honestly i feel like i already do through your music but that’s just my interpretation. Looking forward to an upclose and personal movie!!!!!
    Good for you Stevie – You’ve survived a roller coaster life and have found peace – stability. You seem so at ease in your interviews

  4. Tracie Maline says:

    THANK-YOU Stevie,for never fading away, your work inspires me, your spirit is so encouraging, your photo-shoots, amazing!!! Thank You for fighting to stay who you are !!!!Thank-You always being there for us ,your fans!!!!Thank You for this movie!!!Thank You 1,000,000,000.00

  5. Vicki says:

    Wow! I had no idea that this was out last year! You are my all time favorite rocker! And hadn’t really noticed that you led such a private life! Thank you for sharing and I hope I get to see “In Your Dreams” !

  6. Ruthie Owen says:

    You have had such an impact on not only my life in style and music but millions. I am sure there were hard roads to get through on your journey as it is with every musician that is so gifted and sometimes misunderstood.
    But that does not matter because you have always done what you loved the most. That is thee best journey in life. And getting to bless so many along the way.

  7. michael svoboda says:

    thank you for so many years of life… you always pick me up with your songs and will always be at your calling when needed, thanks you stevie and can’t wait for this movie to come to denver! { maybe a special showing at red rocks???}…

    • CATHERINE says:


  8. Phyllis Corrigan says:

    This is a dream. .. one that brings tears to my eyes and my heart… this music you have played has pulled me out of the darkness many times… I don’t imagine you envision yourself as ‘the queen of rock’, but you are; most of all, you are ‘the queen of the heartsongs’… thankyou.

  9. Karen Paige says:

    This Gypsy that remains can hardly wait!! Years in the making about the most beautiful woman ever!!

  10. catherine watson says:

    Thank you for writing leather and lace.. my husband and me chose it as our wedding song 26 years ago………love & peace

  11. Linda Morosic says:


    You are just as beautiful today as the first time I saw you! Your music is timeless! If there is one person I would love to meet in my lifetime…it is you! Keep rockin’ and sharing your awesome music with us!

  12. Angie Baker says:

    Please put this in more places or release the DVD! Would love to see this and rock on Stevie!!! Love you!! Seen you in concert beginning as Fleetwood Mac and solo and with Tom Petty!!

  13. I would love to see this but there is nothing in Charlotte N.C. please show it here also. ty Teri

  14. Darlene Shoff says:

    An ion ago I saw Fleetwood Mac on their First Tour at the old Three Rivers Stadium…I knew you were something special back then and I wasn’t wrong. I also have “faced my demons” and moved on…
    Thank you Stevie, for letting your music touch me then, now, and may you have many more years to give us!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Karen Roethler says:

    Is there a reason why this won’t be available in Iowa?? Would love to see this!!

  16. Alberto Perez says:

    I remember when I told my mom that I was going to check out the mall they had just built in Laredo, Texas my dads 1967 mustang, took off to Austin, Tx just to go see Stevie Nicks live in concert…well with Fleetwood Mac….I was 13 years old, I had just learned how to drive standard,..all i remember was How HAPPY AND EXCITED WE WERE.I took a friend with me….to go see my idol LIVE in Concert…..we drove 200 miles plus from Laredo ..and I was not nor did the traffic scared me….Stevie, If you are readiing this., which i doubt it,…I hope one day I get to meet you in person….im now 48 years old…ive seen you tons of times….I cant wait to see you guys live again this year 2013

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