stevieposter-blankIntimate Portrait of Grammy Award Winning Artist and Member of Legendary Rock Band Fleetwood Mac as She Creates Album with Dave Stewart

Film Featured at SXSW Film Festival on March 14th in Austin, Texas with Media Q&A Red Carpet

Special Screening at Famed TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) on April 15th with Nicks Including Q&A

New York, NY – March 11, 2013.Following the tremendous positive response to the Stevie Nicks documentary “In Your Dreams”, an intimate portrait of one of rock’s most enduring and legendary artists, at the Hamptons International Film Festival and the Mill Valley Film Festival, this up close portrayal of Nicks recording her critically acclaimed “In Your Dreams” CD in collaboration with Dave Stewart is now scheduled to screen in over 50 theaters across North America on April 2nd. Tickets will be available on www.inyourdreamsmovie.com once they go on sale. A current schedule of cities and theaters follows this release, with more cities to be added.

The “In Your Dreams” film is being distributed by Abamorama. Co-produced and co-directed by former Eurythmic Dave Stewart, “In Your Dreams” is a portrait of the elusive Nicks as she and Stewart embark on a musical journey to write and record the critically acclaimed album “In Your Dreams.” Nicks called this “the greatest year of my life” and felt compelled to share the joyful experience that she terms “the day the circus came to town” with her fans. The record was co-written by Nicks and Stewart and produced by Stewart and Glen Ballard. Watch the trailer at www.inyourdreamsmovie.com

Nicks, one of the lead singers and emotional catalyst for Fleetwood Mac, is embarking on a world tour with them beginning April 4th in Columbus Ohio. A multi Grammy Award winning artist and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Nicks allowed cameras inside her magical old mansion high atop the hills of LA with a wild cast of musicians and friends. The inner life of the legendary Nicks has by her design long been kept at a distance from the public. We learn in “Dreams” that her world features, costume parties, elaborate dinner feasts, tap dancing, fantasy creations and revealing songwriting and recording sessions all of which are captured on film. Also cameos by Edgar Allan Poe, Mick Fleetwood, Reese Witherspoon, a massive white stallion in the backyard, owls and naturally a few vampires who appear in several “home movie” style music videos.

Along with tracking the Nicks/Stewart creative partnership, “In Your Dreams” has plenty of other cinematic payoffs including rare never before seen personal scrapbook stills from Nicks’ childhood and family life, and a wealth of candid backstage and performance shots taken over the last 35 years. The documentary was produced by Dave Stewart’s production company, Weapons of Mass Entertainment.

Nicks, who has sold millions of records as a solo artist and writer of such iconic songs as “Landslide,” “Gold Dust Woman” and “Edge of 17,” is regularly cited by stars as diverse as Taylor Swift, Kid Rock, Courtney Love, Sheryl Crow, The Dixie Chicks and John Mayer as an iconic favorite and heroine and is a continuous inspiration to the world’s top fashion designers.

“She is really real. It doesn’t matter if she is singing in the make-up room or in the middle of a TV interview. She is who she is, and she doesn’t change.” commented Stewart.

“This is our baby and we give her lovingly into your dreams. From our tribe to yours,” concluded Nicks.

Click here to purchase tickets and to see all the venues.



  1. Jamie says:

    My prayers have been answered! SO glad this is finally being screened in public theatres! Can’t wait to see it!!!

    Please release this on DVD/ blu ray as well.

  2. Stacy says:

    All I can say is I CAN’T WAIT, I CAN’T WAIT!!

  3. Erin says:

    What about those of us who want to see this but live nowhere near a screening site? I can’t believe Tampa and Orlando got shut out of this…

  4. Windsor says:

    Love her ! The epitome of a cool life lived !!

  5. Mary Bobletz says:

    How about Maine ? I would love to see this movie

  6. Becky says:

    I love the In Your Dreams album so much that I gave it a stellar review on my blog. I hope I get to see this documentary so I can do the same thing for it. And, yes, Stevie will eternally be on my list of “People With Whom I Would Love To Write a Song”!! :)

  7. Yvonne says:

    Ah bummer!! It’s not being shown anywhere in Canada other than in Toronto. Soooo disappointed. I’d L – O – V – E to see it in Victoria! I’m going to the Fleetwood Mac concert in Vancouver on 19 May and just can’t wait! I think that all items by Fleetwood Mac as well as the members individual solo careers, including this film, should be available for sale at all the venues on the upcoming tour.

  8. Heather says:

    I wish I could see this in Memphis. My child has cancer, and right now for a month he is a shut in at St. Judes. I am a big stevie nicks, fleetwood mac fan. and hate to miss it.

  9. Basement Audio Productions says:

    why only 1 theater in NJ???

  10. Natalie says:

    Please release on DVD. The one night only event is nowhere near me!

  11. Elaine White says:

    I live in the UK is there any plans to release over the pond?

    All the very best with the album for 1 will be buying it.

    Kindest regards

    Elaine White.

  12. Kristy says:

    I live to far from Detroit, I wonder why Grand Rapids Mi got left out we are bigger than D!

  13. Jeanne B says:

    On a Tuesday. Great. I work two jobs during the week. I hope this comes out on DVD and goes to Netflix, because that’s the only way I’ll see it during tax season. Looks like an awesome insight into Stevie’s process; gosh, I’d love to see it. And I live within a couple of hours of three venues, too.

  14. Tanya gypsydust says:

    Are you kidding me!? Nashville gets NOTHING!!!!!??? Sickening!!

  15. Kevin says:

    Neither Orlando nor Tampa? Come on! I can understand an either/or but to not have it show in at least one of those cities??? Given the glut of theaters in Orlando in particular someone’s not trying too hard.

  16. lori king says:

    I named both my daughters after Stevie an most of my pets i have a whole shrine of her tattooed on me her song is the reason i live there is noone better or that compares or cones close

  17. Karen says:

    Pittsburgh? Please!!!

  18. lori king says:

    So sad nothing in Pittsburgh I’m heartbroken

  19. marcy revelli says:

    *★*Please bring this to more theaters or release it on BLU RAY/ DVD★I live way up in the mountains of Vermont and there are others in my situation.*★*

  20. Christina says:

    Please reconsider Tampa!!

    • Jessica Cary says:

      Yes!!! Please add Tampa!! Stevie has had many sold out concerts here and it would only be fitting!

  21. Cheryl Underwoood says:

    Please release this on blueray or DVD. Do not live near any cities that you are showing this film. I have been a fan of yours for over forty years. My husband took me to your concert in Hershey,Pa. Last summer. It was a dream come true

  22. Jamery says:

    Don’t fret yet, friends. Article says more theatres will be added.

  23. DeAnna Germanson says:

    I am a Nicks worshipper raising a future rock star and my daughter NEEDS to see this.

    PLEASE expand your city selection, or at least give us an option to pay-per-view, something….throw us a crumb…..

  24. Bertie G. says:

    I was so looking forward to see this on a big screen but to my disappointment it will not be shown anywhere near me, I live on the Central coast, Ca. Hopefully Stevie will have it for sale/rent on DVD.
    Die Hard Stevie fan since the 70′s!

  25. Mary says:

    Why not Pittsburgh?

  26. Cindie says:

    What about Canada……I thought we were friendly neighbors!…lol……..But seriously, I would love to check this out! Been a fan of hers ever since I heard of her ……way back

  27. Susan says:

    How about Sedona, Stevie?

  28. Gill Tonkinson says:

    This is sooo fab new, i hope this comes our way in TASMANIA AUSTRALIA, i’lll never forget Stevie’s Concert “In Your dreams” tour over here in 2011 and was so happy that i was there. Please release this over here, or at least can we purchase dvd/cd. Been a loyal fan of yours and Fleetwood Mac since the 70′s.

  29. Karen says:

    YES! L.A and Long Beach. Wish I can see the dates….want to lock it in. Stevie was my first female rocker I feel in love with. Seen her with Fleetwood Mac and twice by herself. She brings me to tears…I am a brain cancer survivor….on my Bucket List…to Meet her. That would be a DREAM COME TRUE!!!! Even my 10 yr. old daughter sings her songs. LOVE YOU!!!!

  30. Anna-Marie says:

    Led Zeppelin did a similar screening in select theatres not long ago and then released the film on DVD. I REALLY hope that’s the same case here, because I’d have to drive 3 hours to NOLA to view it, and that’s just not doable during the week for me :-( *fingers crossed for DVD release!!*


  31. Shannon says:

    I love her like words cannot express!! Fan for over 38 years, and I will be there in LA if I can find that theater. Her live show for this album was great; just caught the last one on March 2nd!! Rock on my Queen, and see you in Anaheim!!!

  32. brigitte says:


  33. Brenda says:

    Just wondering how we get tickets?? The theater that its showing doesn’t have it on the calendar. So just wondering what’s up. Me and my BFF really want to go to this!

  34. Kimberly Wallace says:

    I’m hopeful they will add other locations in FL. Miami is just not enough. Try Ft. Myers, we love her here or anywhere in the vicinity would work. She has been my mentor/favorite singer, since I lost my father at the age of 14 years old. I’m approaching 47 years old and would absolutely love to see this along with many others!!!

  35. elke randall says:

    hopeing you will add orlando or tampa as a venue been a longtime fan cant wait to see it

  36. Have always Loved her and Fleetwood Mac !!! Best group EVER !! To get front row seats, my life would to complete !! <3 Lol

  37. Cleveland isn’t to far from me (about 2 hours) !! I will be there :) )) woop woop !!

  38. I absolutely can’t wait to see this documentary and to spend time inside Stevie’s magical world! What an enchanting day that shall be : )

  39. Rebecca says:

    Add some Northern California theaters pleasssse

  40. Patricia says:

    Hi there, are there any Canadian theatres showing this???

  41. Theresa says:

    Does anyone else think there’s a glitch here? No cities after the letter M? NYC, nashville, orlando, portland, seattle etc?

  42. paula says:

    there is nothing in florida….so very sad

  43. PT says:

    Excited to see this… Theresa, there are dates after M… There are two columns of dates, Seattle is there.

  44. Jared Del Rey says:

    SO EXCITED! Winston-Salem is less than an hour from me!

    Dave wrote on my Fbook a while back about the release of the DVD:

    “dvd will come out after it shows in selected theatres” -Dave Stewart


  45. Kathy says:

    Been a fan forever! Saw Fleetwood Mac in Honolulu in the 70′s. Would love to see Stevie’s film here in Honolulu.

  46. Theo says:

    Would liove to see film. No showing of this film in a Long Island, NY.

  47. erica says:

    I am so excited about this! I am a hardcore fan & this is amazing :-) Stevies writing captured my heart @ a young age and I am proud to say my 12 yr old knows the entrance to every song of hers & the Mac’s. He hears the beginning of gypsy & says ” that’s my moms song” can’t wait to see her on the big screen surrounded by other people who love her as much as I do!!

  48. Liv says:

    Dream come true for me…… Can’t wait to see….. at the edge of my sit until April 2…… Asbury Park, NJ……

  49. Liv says:

    A Dream come true for me…… Can’t wait to see it….. I’ll be at the edge of me sit until April 2…… Asbury Park, NJ

  50. Dana says:

    Why not Nashville, Biloxi MS, Memphis? Why the southern aversion? The Fleetwood Mac tour did the same thing! Not happy! I remember a time when the Fleet played Birmingham AL and have a friend who has backstage pictures! Very disappointed! I have been a fan since Buckingham/Nicks! Don’t we count???

    • Shelly says:

      There’s a New Orleans screening on April 2nd at a theater downtown. Also, Fleetwood Mac is performing at Jazz Fest this year on Saturday, May 4 if you can make it!!!

  51. Dustin says:

    Ithaca!! Here I COME! Please post ticket information soon so I can buy one!

  52. Dave Cole says:

    I have been waiting for this! Live in the DC area, and what more appropriate place to see it than right up the road in Silver Springs!

  53. Di Goodear says:

    What a treasure – do we have to come to America to be apart of this or would you maybe coming to Australia xx

  54. Lori Laumann says:

    DISAPPOINTED,,,no where in Virginia :/

  55. Liz says:

    What about the fans in Australia – especially Melbourne. We would live to see this

  56. Toni says:

    She is the reason I stepped into my dream of singing & playing guitar, back in the late 70′s after 20 something years of being intimidated. But I’ve been doing it now for over 30 years, and Stevie was the fuel for my small flame. I cried when I watched this trailer. Will do the same at the theatre I’m sure! Thank you Stevie!

  57. karen says:

    love you stevie, lot of fans here in upper maine, we have no entertainment think of the small towns someday, i would have to drive 4 1/2 hours to boston.

  58. Joseph Gould says:

    It’d be wonderful if In Your Dreams screened in Australian theatres, much like “Sound City” did.

    Please consider the Australian fans, I’d love the opportunity to see this fantastic film in theatres.

  59. Angelica says:

    PLEASE release on DVD for those of us that absolutely adores Stevie but doesn’t live in the states!!!!
    / a Swedish Stevie fan

  60. I have been waiting ever since you first sent word of your doc. last year! As one Cliff Dweller from the Old School to another. We will meet, In Your Dreams…. I love you so much…

  61. tracy clarkson says:

    UK pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!x

  62. Sophia Rodriguez says:

    Please don’t forget about us in Wichita, Ks. We Can’t Wait!

  63. Eva says:

    CRYING here in central Florida! We love you and want to see this so bad! I am 56 and you have always been my favorite! Why in the world would Orlando and/or Tampa not be showing the fabulous Stevie?!!! Get em girl! Please and thank you.

  64. Alan Moehle says:

    Finally! We get to see inside this Mysterious and Beautiful Woman’s life, even if it is only a glimpse, I am there. I just can’t wait for the whole true life story that is sure to be classic! I will take this for now!

  65. kathy roehr says:

    how come you aren’t showing it in deptford nj? when is the dvd coming out?

  66. Belladonna Rentas says:

    This is no where near where I live so I hope it will be out on DVD soon enough. We love Steve forever. You are the Queen Stevie of Rock and Roll.

  67. Vickie Stanley says:

    Can you PLEASE add Raleigh NC to your list? We drove all the way to Charlotte this summer and didn’t get to see her cause Rod cancelled. Please just one more city :)

  68. Jeff McGowan says:


  69. Anna-Lena Magnusson says:

    I cant wait – hope it is reaching Sweden aswell. Will love it!

  70. Sharon says:

    I’ve been a fan of Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks forever. My daughter was nicknamed Stevie over 30 years ago.

  71. melody gouldsmith says:

    is there any news of this coming to the uk

  72. Wildspirit says:

    Why is this not schedualed for release in the UK first …

  73. Jonathan says:

    Please do one in MEMPHIS!! It is an important city in music history. Please??

  74. Sue says:

    Tampa, Tampa, Tampa…oh pleeaasseee!

  75. Suzanne Foraker says:

    Thank you Stevie for always keeping your fans happy!!! Please release on dvd for those of us who won’t have the show in our area!!!

  76. Suzanne Foraker says:

    Yes Tampa above Im in Sarasota and don’t see anything close by!!!

  77. Rick Juarez says:


  78. Michele Renee Stokes says:

    Oh my gosh-what about your hometown Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, etc. Loved you since the 70′s!!! Still do darling!!!

  79. Fan says:

    It is really sad how selfish all of Stevie’s fans are. This is a limited release special and you should be happy that this wonderful recording was made with Dave Stewart. I am sure it will be awesome, and if you want to see it and are truly a fan then you WILL get to see it. If you want to be involved in all of the greatest musical and theater offerings, than MOVE to where they are and don’t chastise great people for not coming to your town. I know I will see it when the time is right and I know it will be awesome. Thank you to Stevie for opening up her life for those of us that do love and appreciate her contributions to great music.

    • Wolfnicks says:

      Well said! The way people comment on blog, news articles, You Tube videos, or anything where comments can be left pretty much sums of the downfall of the US. People are just selfish and rude. No wonder our kids are bullies.

  80. Sara-Beth says:

    I would love to go to the premiere, but it’s during a final that I cannot miss!! Please continue this and keep it open longer. I am so happy this will be coming to theaters. Thank you Stevie and Dave for making a great album!

  81. Bruce says:

    No Louisville KY ? Hello?

  82. Stella says:

    RE: Chicago, there is no such theater as “Century Center.” Please update.

  83. Rachel Kaloian says:

    I am so glad …. I can’t wait till your in LA!!!!!!

  84. Rachel Kaloian says:

    When do the tickets for the movie go on sale?

  85. Holly says:

    Thanx Stevie. BTW: I named my daughter “Sara” because of you. She’s 30 now! My life is richer because of your voice and your music.

  86. Katie says:

    When do tickets go on sale for Boulder and Denver?

    Don’t want to miss this and have a ton of friends that want to go, too, but you can’t find a listing at The Dairy. Can you only buy tickets from this site? Want to buy ASAP so I can plan. Does anyone know when tickets go on sale for these April 2nd showings? Thanks! I’m DYING to see this, lol!

  87. Tom Tekker says:

    Stevie, Plain and simply “You Rock”!!!! You have several “die Hard” fans in south bend,in. and of course im your biggest fan ever! You are as beautiful as ever and my heart still belongs to you!!!!I would love to meet you! Thanks, Tom

  88. Katie says:

    Thanks, PT. Having trouble connecting to that link, and would rather go to the Dairy in Boulder, but anywhere to see Stevie and this doc on a big screen!! Appreciate your help, I’ll try calling both directly as well.

  89. Matt Denison says:

    Is there any info for when and how to purchase tickets for the Toronto screening?

  90. Sherri Fiduccia says:

    I can’t wait. I have loved Stevie since the first time I heard her. She has always been my idol . I have seen her 5 times in concert. She is the most beauiful person in the world. So down to earth.

  91. Nathan says:

    Portland, Portland, Portland! : )

  92. Shannon says:

    Stevie,Im so happy you are doing this. I have waited so long for you to write more songs. I have loved you since the 70s and you will always be one of the best parts of my life. Rock on babygirl!!! Wish you all the best and hope you are having the time of your life..Love ya always…..

  93. Ellis says:

    No Nashville scheduled :-( . I Hope maybe Nashville will be included. Here is hoping….. Canal place in New Orleans would be a spectacular venue. The very place I met Stevie at 3:00 am tango in the night tour in 87. I was 19 and had the most divine encounter. She was heavenly and truly left me with something warm :-) ahhhh memories

  94. Joi says:

    No show anywhere in Tennessee? I thought for sure Memphis or Nashville. Can we buy this DVD anywhere?

  95. Lisa says:

    Wow! Stevie has been my idol since I was 16, which was a very long time ago. I grew up with every Fleetwood Mac album and when she went solo – I was a dream. My vinyl worn out and amid the scratches and dull hum, she still shined.
    I’ve always said if I could be anyone for just one day – it would be her. A writer, a poet, and music legend. She is one of the greats! I look forward to this glimpse into her world. Thank you Stevie.

  96. Hi,

    I am from NZ and just wanted to ask if you can bring it to us! Please!

    I recently got married and got likened to Stevie in my wedding dress and there could be no better compliment.

    I also missed two flights back into NZ in 2009 when Fleetwood came to NZ to play. I had paid my mortgage to go and got my company to pay business class back from Aus, then organised a private flight and didn’t make it. Still a sore point when bought up at family get togethers! hehe

    Please bring it to NZ.


    Thank you!

  97. Roger Weeden says:

    Is this a complete list of showings? Will IYD come to Virginia? The Norva in Norfolk,VA? Will IYD someday make it to DVD??? PLLEEEEEEEZ come to VA!!!

  98. Lynn Washko says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider adding Pittsburgh, PA to the list of cities!!! We LOVE Stevie, & I’m DYING to see this film!! But if not, looks like I’m driving to Ohio! Isn’t the 1st time I’ve driven hours to see her, & I’m sure it won’t be the last!! But it would be AWESOME to see it in my hometown!

  99. Ellie says:

    Here’s another Pittsburgh (long-time) fan pleading….PLS ADD PITTSBURGH to the list!!!

  100. shanel says:

    anyone wondering if CANADIAN showings are happening. heres the link .. there are a bunch..


  101. Jill Lutes says:

    Please after the movie has the showings., put it out on DVD. I want to buy iy, and it will not be showing around where I live.

  102. B Meaker says:

    We need a showing in Tennessee–at least one in Nashville!!!

  103. Karen Schneider says:

    GOT MY SEATS FOR THE NEW OLREANS RELEASE!!! The 2 theaters here are almost sold out!! I CANT WAIT!!

  104. melissa ~ chicagoland says:

    some of us have been “with you” for DECADES…..worn ourselves (and our bank accounts), out – “touring with you”…from city to city…night after night…year after year….thank you for this…..and tho i already have tickets to see it…i hope it goes to DVD…..it WILL sell – (more than u think……remember a “rainy day” song called “silver springs”…? we ALL waited and waited for that “moment” to finally come…and when it did….EVERYBODY was surpri$ed)……and thank u for “hearing” “your people” and opening the “song vault”…. behold…SISTERS OF THE MOON (live 2013) … its been 30+ years … im sure shes “aged” just as gracefully as u have…….. “we love u still” ~

  105. Jerry Turner says:

    Stevie, i so wanted to pound Lyndsey Buckingham when I heard of your relationship way back when and how things didnt work out. You were my first Love and I was so upset when I heard there was a chance you were hurt emotionaly. I still love you and your music and will always be your man. Cant wait to see you in Cleveland this year…

  106. BMJoeB says:

    I surely hope and would think Stevie will release this on DVD/Bluray. I sure hope so, because I am not in a viewing area and I would love to be able to watch it.

    Having this disc would allow me to watch it over and over and over and over and over………

    Stevie knows her fanbase is beyond huge and we are passionate, dedicated and loyal. She won’t let us down. :-)

  107. Melva Williams says:

    Thank you Beautiful Lady for showing this film in my city; Winston-Salem, NC! My Girlfriends & I have our tickets and are patiently waiting. It is hard for me to travel due to a disability, so we are grateful you picked our city.

    Have loved you & your music since 1976. My brother gave me “Rumors” album for Christmas & I just about wore it out. lol.

    Stevie, To me you are a great friend, whom I have never met. Rock on Soul Sister! Can’t wait to see you on the silver screen (Silver-Springs). Love You like the Ocean! Melva Williams

  108. Jennie says:

    Please please release on DVD. No showing anywhere near me and I would love to see this.

  109. shannon yates says:

    I wish it was showing here in Des Moines Iowa! We love Stevie here too! Please bring it here!

  110. Ginger says:

    Please have release plans for DVD Stevie. Have been a fan since 1976 and only been able to see you once in Denver.
    Rock on Stevie Nicks

  111. Sarah from Wales UK says:

    Will we ever get to see it in UK?

  112. Barbara says:

    This is going to be an awesome time! Can’t wait to see Dave, Stevie and friends in this documentary movie. Thank you all for putting this together for the long time, and new fans! I will have the biggest 80s Stevie hair, and chiffon finery of course…Must pay tribute to the one and only Miss Nicks :) Will take lots of photos! Cheerio!

  113. MARY says:

    From S.A. My friend and I are going tonight Im So Excited I cant wait!!!!:)

  114. Duane says:

    I love Stevie and wish it was playing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Please rush to dvd for us fans who never see Stevie live because we live in non select locations :)

  115. Karen Schneider says:

    We saw the movie last night in New Orleans! I must tell you that the entire theater was so quiet when the New Orleans segment began but by the end of it, we were on our feet cheering. It was a lifetime moment in that theater with my fellow “who dats” and meant more to us all than you can ever imagine! I’m surprised the world couldnt hear our little theater singing and cheering! Stevie says “I hope I did good” and the theater rang out “YOU DID GREAT STEVIE!” From New Orleans with love and forever loyality… THANK YOU STEVIE AND DAVE!! P.S. I think anne rice’s house is creepy too! ;)

  116. MARY says:

    it was awesome love you stevie!!!! wish she would come to san antonio

  117. The Fleetwood Mac Opening Show in Columbus, Ohio Thursday night was absolutely incredible, excellent performance! It’s wonderful they are still sharing their musical gift. The production staff has done an excellent job! Great team effort! Thank you!

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  132. Tenaya Jackson says:

    I love your album Stevie. The songs are great and I listen to all your music everyday.

    Is the documentary going to be released in Australia for iTunes? :D

  133. Brenda says:

    Minneapolis. Stevie, you have saved my life!! Thank you !Stevie

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